Designing for a Summer Vacation

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Designing for a Summer Vacation

Outdoor furniture and other designs for summer vacation

Miami CULTURE Magazine Spread with a summer design

Bring Vacation Vibes to the Office

Remember the good old days of school summer vacation? The pressures of studying and exams were over, and the next couple months marked a blissful, deadline-free lifestyle. It was time to travel, see friends, take on passion projects, and hang out. Now that we are living the year-round working lifestyle with full inboxes, packed calendars, and never-ending notifications, a break is even more appropriate. After all, this is CULTURE’s one-year anniversary, so we are ready to celebrate with a vacation too!


Benefits of Vacation Design

Research has shown that taking breaks can improve creativity and productivity. By stopping to think and unplug, we can approach problems with a clear mind. Changing our environment encourages us to set aside daily habits and rituals to live in the present moment. Consider these tips to add some vacation vibes into your office:

    • Try adding earthy tones and natural textures to create a peaceful office setting.
    • Have fun with color. Use bold coloring for creative, high-energy spaces and cooler hues for relaxing areas
    • Consider the goal of the space. Is this area for heads-down work? Collaboration? Relaxation? We especially appreciate how Medallia’s office was designed with unique spaces to evoke different¬†feelings.

Our one-year anniversary CULTURE magazine explores designing spaces that feel like a vacation. We draw furniture inspiration from the designs of the outdoorsy Yellowstone National Park, the colonial Cape Cod, and the tropical Miami. Read more below!