“Back To School” Inspired Design

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“Back To School” Inspired Design

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The Kids Are Alright.

“Back to School” inspired office design in this issue of CULTURE magazine

People are products of their early childhood. Experiences in one generation appear in another. Disruptions in one century are as “hacks” in the next. Some things, it seems, never change; just like early childhood education. We believe there are hidden gems from school design to learn from – aside from the Common Core – that can apply to office design. Inspired by Back to School.

In our modern work environment, learning can happen anywhere. One survey shows that 44% of people get their “BIG” ideas when commuting, 30% when exercising, 20% when on vacation, and only 1% when at work.* This evolution of learning and productivity presents an opportunity to enrich the experience through dynamic, engaging and purposeful spaces that adapt to a variety of learning activities. We should aim to create areas that support how people work best… wherever or however that is.

For this issue of CULTURE, we apply concepts from school back to the workplace. We believe that “quiet time” isn’t reserved for early education. Lockers and school organizers can keep chaotic daily working lives under control. Moveable and active furniture is especially relevant to the modern working environment to create flexible spaces.